Custom Design Services

For ultimate differentiation, our expert designers can create a custom package unique to your product. Choose N.E.W. Plastics Corp. Custom Blow Molding for the latest in high-tech packaging design, including:

3D Modeling

We can take a concept to reality by using computer modeling to give you and your marketing team an idea of what your product would look like before it hits the shelf.

Virtual Reality (Design Review)

Want to see what your container looks like from every angle? With our computer aided drawings, you can rotate the bottle, look at the bottom and even down the neck to see what your container would look like - all from your computer screen!

Physical Modeling

We can take your conceptual drawing, or ours, and make it into a functional working sample that you can use to confirm fill volumes, determine machinery requirements as well as develop your label and marketing materials.

Rapid Prototyping

We can design and develop your container and get into limited productions run in as fast as four to six weeks. Using this limited capacity, we can help you get your product to the market quickly confirming market response as we build the right amount of cavitation to meet your requirements.


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